• The WRS SHIELD PRO represents a revolutionary advancement in the protection of WRS screens, using nanotechnology.

    This liquid, supplied in a practical 10 ml bottle, was specially developed to coat motorbike fairings, but also finds highly effective applications on visors and other plastic parts.

    Its distinctive feature is that it eliminates the need to use specific cleaning products, as it creates a permanent water and oil repellent layer which simplifies maintenance and preserves the beauty of the surfaces.

    Cutting-edge nanotechnology:

    This product, thanks to its nanometric particles, is able to penetrate the microporosities of plastic surfaces, sealing them completely.

    This innovative technology is what makes our product unique and highly effective.

    Main features and benefits:

    Permanent Protection: Once applied, a permanent layer is created that protects plastic surfaces from dirt, insects and adverse weather conditions. It is not necessary to reapply the product frequently.

    Water and Oil Repellent: This nanotechnological layer repels not only water but also oil and other liquids, ensuring optimal visibility and transparency.

    Simple Cleaning: eliminates the need to use specific cleaning products. A simple microfibre cloth is enough to remove dirt and keep it in perfect condition.

    Greater Durability: Thanks to its extremely long life, it extends the useful life of plastic surfaces, reducing the need to replace damaged windshields or visors.

    Versatility of use: In addition to motorcycle screens, it can be used on a wide range of plastic surfaces, such as visors, fairings, mirrors and plastic parts of any vehicle.

    Included is:

    10 ml bottle

    Applicator cloth

    Dryer cloth

    An investment for your motorbike and your safety:

    The WRS SHIELD PRO is much more than just a cleaning product. It's an investment in the durability and beauty of your motorcycle, but also in your safety.

    Thanks to its advanced technology, it protects and improves your driving experience, ensuring crystal clear visibility and reduced maintenance.

    Now, cleaning plastic surfaces is simple and efficient, thanks to a microfiber cloth, without the need for other chemicals.

    Don't let dirt, bugs and weather conditions ruin your trip.

    Try the WRS SHIELD PRO and discover how nanotechnology can simplify the maintenance of the plastic surfaces of your motorbike, offering you a cutting-edge solution to always keep them in perfect condition.

    Store preferably at a temperature between 5°C and 30°C maximum.